You can see the best movie about the movie in 2 days

n of the superhero movie Captain America 3,
released in May 6th in North America and the mainland,
has 30 hours.
Many fans may have already booked tickets for the midnight game and can't wait to see the inside shelf of the universe.
The freshness of rotten tomatoes at the moment is 93%,
and the Metacritic score is 77 (Avengers League 2: Austria era,
when the film in Beijing,
time network reporter also in advance to see the North American summer archives opening.
If you don't want to be unprepared before you go to the movies,
it's enough to read this article.
* contains minor spoilers,
please read carefully.
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but the story is reasonably good-looking Marvel movie adaptation of the comic book universe to always make snap,
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