The first report on restoring the original ecological values and living conditions of young people has been released in China

outh day,
jointly issued by the youth club,
Geely imperial GS,
meilande consulting Hi,
the original ecological youth report caused great concern all walks of life.
The 37 page report,
around the young consumer force,
young action force and young occupation force dimension,
from the angle of quantitative and qualitative analysis and primary insight into the reduction of contemporary young people's real consumption,
employment idea and behavior.
The report pointed out that youth is a dynamic group,
every 10 years,
every 5 years,
or even every 3 years,
we will usher in a completely different generation of new youth.
70 after the pragmatic,
80's collapse,
90 self,
every youth of the times have been given some labels,
which is misunderstood by the times homogenization.
With the passage