[team spirit] Super Beller chase, Wade is still that way without solution lightning

me on May 4th,
Miami struggled to a 102-96 overtime victory over Toronto,
a total score of 1-0 before the next city.
Dwayne - Wade ushered in career milestone.
In today's eastern second set of Toronto Raptors opener,
Wade scored 13 points in the first three quarters,
career playoff total score over Elgin - Beller,
rose to sixteenth place in the history of NBA,
and performed well at the last minute.
Full court,
Wade 21 in 10,
including three points,
3 free throws in 3,
24 points,
6 rebounds,
4 assists,
3 steals.
After the elimination of Hornets in 4-3,
the heat ushered in the Raptors today.
Wade scored 3614 points in the playoffs before the game,
ranking seventeenth in NBA history,
only 9 points from Beller,
sixteenth (3623 points).
Wade scored 4 points in the first section of the gam