It turned out that the spotted banana was so strong that it was almost thrown away

ature the banana,
the more dark spots on the epidermis,
the higher its immune activity.
from now on,
eat ripe bananas! The immune activation of bananas is relatively mild and does not increase immunity when the body is healthy.
But for the sick,
the old and the weak who are weak,
it works.
In daily life,
we might as well eat 1-2 bananas a day,
through the promotion of the body's ability to resist disease to prevent infection,
especially to prevent colds and flu and other viruses.
A banana with a black spot on the yellow surface is 8 times more capable of increasing white blood cells than the epidermis of a green banana.
Studies show that two bananas provide enough energy to sustain strenuous exercise for 90 minutes.
But bananas don't just provide energy.
It can also help us overcome or