A man is a man, a woman is a man

I and a few bestie to a male colleague home,
see the little boy wearing pants is very lovely,
you tease him: your little JJ is so cute! The little boy leaned into my arms and said,
my father has a smaller one.
! 2,
I was the rural people live in the village of the small neighborhood are fine when I'm not sensible always love to see neighbors see them in the thick skinned up with eating can eat a little and light Chicai do not eat it now that others don't dish with rice to the city neighborhood also alienate it you know life is not easy to think about when I should not feel very should eat two bowls of rice meal that was home to save much money.
I work hard to make money,
not because I love money,
but in this life,
I do not want to because of money and who is humble,
do not wan