A good man out of Auschwitz survivors have died in the camp the bad guys are alive

y 1945,
after the defeat of Germany,
the Soviet Red Army and Auschwitz survivors (@ visual China) as out of Auschwitz Survivor,
Italy writer Primo Levi never stopped writing,
his writing had never been out of Auschwitz,
he wrote a shame Survivor for an evening of human thinking of Auschwitz,
servitude just the end of a lighthouse on the searchlights swept the gallows.
The exhausted Jews numb at the hat,
lined up to watch a public hanging.
The prisoners are insurgents in a certain extent,
involved in blowing up a stove rebellion.
Before he was hanged,
he passionately shouted: faithful,
I was the last one! Four times nothing.
A Gray Striped Pajama with a bowed head standing there.
Primo Levi was also watching the parade,
nothing happened.
There was no rebellion,
no provocation,