Depression will become the University murder suspects from death card

ws reporter Xie Yinzong,
Qiu Xiao,
Wu Jing identified criminal suspect Teng suffering from depression.
Families for map in May 4th,
Sichuan Normal University murder victim Lu Haiqing's brother Lu Haiqiang told the surging news (www.
the police suspect Teng forensic results showed that suspect Teng depression,
illegal behavior on March 27th assessed partial criminal responsibility.
Surging news from the strong opinions provided by Lu hai to see,
the police hired the relevant personnel on the suspect Teng,
whether suffering from mental disorders,
and whether or not their criminal capacity,
forensic psychiatric identification.
Expert opinion is Teng suffering from depression,
on March 27th violations assessed as part of the capacity for criminal responsibility.
Notice of the n

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Collection should not be too concerned about gains and losses

ollectors leaf springs pale like chrysanthemum,
advocated by the south line of game player mentality eyes carefully to each guest pour a cup of tea,
Ye Quan sat down with the Nanfang Daily reporter talk.
Although tea place,
at first glance are all priceless treasures.
The old man,
was not in a hurry to paint his collection in words.
He is even a little disgusted with his own things,
so much to speak,
so far,
there are many familiar painting circle friends,
I do not know his home there are so many good things.
In south of the Five Ridges,
there are not many artists who really call collectors.
In the leaf spring view,
oneself most can only be regarded as one is somewhat infatuated with and is willing to spend money the player.
As a collector,
he is more in pursuit of spiritual