Sexy mature SNSD Tiffany New Album Trailer as public

e: Sina,
@ me2day,
the new album announcement is released,
and will be officially released on 11.
SNSD member Tiffany will be in Korea at 11 hours zero hour,
through the major audio sites to disclose the first mini album I Just Wanna Dance 6 recorded music source.
She will be 10 in SMTOWN THEATRE were held in the media and fans of showcase,
and will be the first open new stage,
triggered a strong expectation.
Attached to the new album Preview: Korean life Museum [point] MAMA stage,
the formation of the first pair of Korean lovers.
! [i] net red T.
P ins atlas [a] aunt visit can not be good to play [under] SMTM [].
Let us together team members of the ideal type with you