Financial dog is the devil, why do you still enter the investment bank to do private equity?

u think of the image of financial people in your mind? If the image being broadcast on TV drama Ode to joy just like Liu Tao in the high cold,
and sensitive to numbers,
open the boss of Porsche sports car? Perhaps a few years ago,
the TV drama the most beautiful time in the Zhong Hanliang suit,
young talent,
eat dinner,
drinking expensive wine? In Chinese,
mainstream media and the finance people portrayed as heroes in the summon wind and call for rain,
social elite.
But here is the cultural difference! Americans look at financial people differently! Hollywood blockbuster Wall Street in 80s of the last century (Wall Street),
Gordon Gekko (lead by Michael Douglas) the vicious unfeeling image,
to the people is simply a classic Wall Street predat