9 strokes, bedroom decoration is more comfortable than 5 star hotel

directly affect our sleep.
Every nook and corner of the bedroom is very careful with the size of each piece of furniture.
Take a look at the most comfortable bedroom! 1,
how high is the bed comfortable? 1 beds are generally around 30cm.
This height is more suitable for Asians,
the equivalent of users is slightly higher than the knee height; 2 put on the mattress,
usually in 50cm or 60cm.
2 what's the size of a bed? The size of the 1 bed also depends on the size of the bedroom,
generally more than 20 flat master bedroom with more than 180cm bed; 210-20 bedroom flat with 150cm bed; 10 flat sub bedroom or children's room is equipped with 120cm below the bed.
how to put the bed? 1,
comply with the direction of the geomagnetic,
head south,
feet north; 2 bedside is best to lean against