It turned out that the spotted banana was so strong that it was almost thrown away

ature the banana,
the more dark spots on the epidermis,
the higher its immune activity.
from now on,
eat ripe bananas! The immune activation of bananas is relatively mild and does not increase immunity when the body is healthy.
But for the sick,
the old and the weak who are weak,
it works.
In daily life,
we might as well eat 1-2 bananas a day,
through the promotion of the body's ability to resist disease to prevent infection,
especially to prevent colds and flu and other viruses.
A banana with a black spot on the yellow surface is 8 times more capable of increasing white blood cells than the epidermis of a green banana.
Studies show that two bananas provide enough energy to sustain strenuous exercise for 90 minutes.
But bananas don't just provide energy.
It can also help us overcome or

[Johnson] diffusion powder involving carcinogenic lose 3 billion 600 million who would dare to use

surging news / / U.
local time May 2nd,
Johnson lost again in the talc carcinogenic controversy,
was sentenced to a long term use of the company's powder female compensation 5 million,
about 360 million yuan.
In February,
Johnson was sentenced to pay 2 million in compensation to another woman's family.
/ / woman decades Johnson baby powder was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in women the lawsuit said her for decades in the private parts of the use of Johnson baby powder and bath gel.
The lawyer disclosed that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had to undergo hysterectomy.
After a three week trial in Missouri,
the jury sentenced Johnson to pay 5 million to the woman,
including compensation of  million and a fine of 0 million.
Failed to reveal the main raw mate

You can see the best movie about the movie in 2 days

n of the superhero movie Captain America 3,
released in May 6th in North America and the mainland,
has 30 hours.
Many fans may have already booked tickets for the midnight game and can't wait to see the inside shelf of the universe.
The freshness of rotten tomatoes at the moment is 93%,
and the Metacritic score is 77 (Avengers League 2: Austria era,
when the film in Beijing,
time network reporter also in advance to see the North American summer archives opening.
If you don't want to be unprepared before you go to the movies,
it's enough to read this article.
* contains minor spoilers,
please read carefully.
Change the original comic,
but the story is reasonably good-looking Marvel movie adaptation of the comic book universe to always make snap,
the most typical examples s

A good man out of Auschwitz survivors have died in the camp the bad guys are alive

y 1945,
after the defeat of Germany,
the Soviet Red Army and Auschwitz survivors (@ visual China) as out of Auschwitz Survivor,
Italy writer Primo Levi never stopped writing,
his writing had never been out of Auschwitz,
he wrote a shame Survivor for an evening of human thinking of Auschwitz,
servitude just the end of a lighthouse on the searchlights swept the gallows.
The exhausted Jews numb at the hat,
lined up to watch a public hanging.
The prisoners are insurgents in a certain extent,
involved in blowing up a stove rebellion.
Before he was hanged,
he passionately shouted: faithful,
I was the last one! Four times nothing.
A Gray Striped Pajama with a bowed head standing there.
Primo Levi was also watching the parade,
nothing happened.
There was no rebellion,
no provocation,

This capsule is different, 1MORE capsule ring iron headset free registration experience

1MORE capsule (May 11th in iron ring headset Jingdong on sale) two,
three public test number of public test application time in April 27,
2016 - May 8th four,
click apply at the end of the paper,
the lower left corner [read] to the public test product page,
fill out the required information for the public test application.
all test awards,
all experience reports submitted,
will be selected by community users and ZEALER staff,
in which high-quality reports will have access to 1MORE capsule ring iron headset.
product introduction,
click on read the original,
apply for it!

The first report on restoring the original ecological values and living conditions of young people has been released in China

outh day,
jointly issued by the youth club,
Geely imperial GS,
meilande consulting Hi,
the original ecological youth report caused great concern all walks of life.
The 37 page report,
around the young consumer force,
young action force and young occupation force dimension,
from the angle of quantitative and qualitative analysis and primary insight into the reduction of contemporary young people's real consumption,
employment idea and behavior.
The report pointed out that youth is a dynamic group,
every 10 years,
every 5 years,
or even every 3 years,
we will usher in a completely different generation of new youth.
70 after the pragmatic,
80's collapse,
90 self,
every youth of the times have been given some labels,
which is misunderstood by the times homogenization.
With the passage

[welfare posts] the master taught me things on the way to learn from the West

four people,
it's the story of two disciples who learn from the west.
Why not just because the four four played by KO off the rest of the three Tang Meng force.
Buddha had to send the little white dragon,
escort monks learn to go,
Tang Monk and little white dragon (white sugar CP) story unfolded.
Article NO.
1 wilderness survival do meet bear bear met I not afraid ~ you still remember that bear little plum in the wilderness of the hunter met sister camel first we briefly recall the Danger ahead! Warning,
please note! Back up front look up child abuse killingme wood! Then your little plums were gone,
and they couldn't get up,
and then.
All in all,
miserable! Here's the point!! What do you do when you meet a bear in the wild?!!! Dear Tang,
the veteran comrade

A man is a man, a woman is a man

I and a few bestie to a male colleague home,
see the little boy wearing pants is very lovely,
you tease him: your little JJ is so cute! The little boy leaned into my arms and said,
my father has a smaller one.
! 2,
I was the rural people live in the village of the small neighborhood are fine when I'm not sensible always love to see neighbors see them in the thick skinned up with eating can eat a little and light Chicai do not eat it now that others don't dish with rice to the city neighborhood also alienate it you know life is not easy to think about when I should not feel very should eat two bowls of rice meal that was home to save much money.
I work hard to make money,
not because I love money,
but in this life,
I do not want to because of money and who is humble,
do not wan

[team spirit] Super Beller chase, Wade is still that way without solution lightning

me on May 4th,
Miami struggled to a 102-96 overtime victory over Toronto,
a total score of 1-0 before the next city.
Dwayne - Wade ushered in career milestone.
In today's eastern second set of Toronto Raptors opener,
Wade scored 13 points in the first three quarters,
career playoff total score over Elgin - Beller,
rose to sixteenth place in the history of NBA,
and performed well at the last minute.
Full court,
Wade 21 in 10,
including three points,
3 free throws in 3,
24 points,
6 rebounds,
4 assists,
3 steals.
After the elimination of Hornets in 4-3,
the heat ushered in the Raptors today.
Wade scored 3614 points in the playoffs before the game,
ranking seventeenth in NBA history,
only 9 points from Beller,
sixteenth (3623 points).
Wade scored 4 points in the first section of the gam

Depression will become the University murder suspects from death card

ws reporter Xie Yinzong,
Qiu Xiao,
Wu Jing identified criminal suspect Teng suffering from depression.
Families for map in May 4th,
Sichuan Normal University murder victim Lu Haiqing's brother Lu Haiqiang told the surging news (www.
the police suspect Teng forensic results showed that suspect Teng depression,
illegal behavior on March 27th assessed partial criminal responsibility.
Surging news from the strong opinions provided by Lu hai to see,
the police hired the relevant personnel on the suspect Teng,
whether suffering from mental disorders,
and whether or not their criminal capacity,
forensic psychiatric identification.
Expert opinion is Teng suffering from depression,
on March 27th violations assessed as part of the capacity for criminal responsibility.
Notice of the n

Badashanren works appreciation

cle comes from: Sun Bao Bao,
copyright owned by the original author!) END,
has learned in a world of the doorway we all enjoy welcome contribution: 100271066@qq.
com business cooperation,
and WeChat: ltgwcity door long by two-dimensional code recognition on the high-end custom Wenwan men buy WeChat longtenggw: all kinds of paper to play the hand carved pieces of string,
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and Enlightenment of investigation of things the door -- your interest in the tribe,
with experts of Tibet,

Collection should not be too concerned about gains and losses

ollectors leaf springs pale like chrysanthemum,
advocated by the south line of game player mentality eyes carefully to each guest pour a cup of tea,
Ye Quan sat down with the Nanfang Daily reporter talk.
Although tea place,
at first glance are all priceless treasures.
The old man,
was not in a hurry to paint his collection in words.
He is even a little disgusted with his own things,
so much to speak,
so far,
there are many familiar painting circle friends,
I do not know his home there are so many good things.
In south of the Five Ridges,
there are not many artists who really call collectors.
In the leaf spring view,
oneself most can only be regarded as one is somewhat infatuated with and is willing to spend money the player.
As a collector,
he is more in pursuit of spiritual

Where is the boss who is better at marketing than marketing director?

former Ogilvy,
the marketing director of Tong Fu oral medicine.
Author authorized release.
Reprint please contact author public number: bigideaa.
People view marketing case through the workplace pin say the boss to do marketing and marketing director,
the difference in what? In fact,
it is in the identity of ah! * marketing director love aftertaste,
boss only look forward.
A large campaign down,
marketing director felt some extraordinary record of the household,
and the boss in a thought,
how to improve the division of labor,
process improvement,
and even improve the placement of tables and chairs,
further to enhance the performance and reduce errors.
* how to improve advertising ROI? Planning director is thinking of optimization program,
want a better idea,
write more de

Financial dog is the devil, why do you still enter the investment bank to do private equity?

u think of the image of financial people in your mind? If the image being broadcast on TV drama Ode to joy just like Liu Tao in the high cold,
and sensitive to numbers,
open the boss of Porsche sports car? Perhaps a few years ago,
the TV drama the most beautiful time in the Zhong Hanliang suit,
young talent,
eat dinner,
drinking expensive wine? In Chinese,
mainstream media and the finance people portrayed as heroes in the summon wind and call for rain,
social elite.
But here is the cultural difference! Americans look at financial people differently! Hollywood blockbuster Wall Street in 80s of the last century (Wall Street),
Gordon Gekko (lead by Michael Douglas) the vicious unfeeling image,
to the people is simply a classic Wall Street predat

Good May 4th evening listing of listed companies a good announcement

the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities listed companies issued a notice.
The following list is good: the style of the shares pre bid 166 million South tender style of the shares (601700) late Wednesday announced that the company pre bid first framework bidding project for the southern Power Grid Corp in 2016 the main line materials,
bid amount of about 166 million yuan.
The science and technology develop additional fund-raising 780 million yuan to expand production capacity,
Chinachem technology May 4th evening release set by the plan,
the company intends to not more than 10 specific non-public offering of not more than 22 million shares,
issue price of not less than 90% of the 20 trading days of the company's stock price before the pricing benchmark,
to raise funds not more than 780

Urban youth index exposure, which cities most qualified youth day?

belongs to the young people's festival,
and QQ as the largest concentration of young people's social platform,
released the 2016 national young city index youth day,
the city young people accounted for each statistical index of light flow ratio and the young people that each city.
the report not only ranked cities but also published new rates,
outflows and net growth rates for young people in each city.
We have also been able to look at the report to see which cities are most qualified for the Youth Day First place: Shenzhen youth index: 89,
in the north,
five first tier cities,
Shenzhen is far more than the other four cities,
becoming the youngest city in the first tier cities.
QQ big data show that Shenzhen's young population increased by 47.

After 80, not only refers to 80 years after the birth of the people, secret 80's truth, 80 even means this

ing video,
click to read the original,
download hundred sister APP

Sexy mature SNSD Tiffany New Album Trailer as public

e: Sina,
@ me2day,
the new album announcement is released,
and will be officially released on 11.
SNSD member Tiffany will be in Korea at 11 hours zero hour,
through the major audio sites to disclose the first mini album I Just Wanna Dance 6 recorded music source.
She will be 10 in SMTOWN THEATRE were held in the media and fans of showcase,
and will be the first open new stage,
triggered a strong expectation.
Attached to the new album Preview: Korean life Museum [point] MAMA stage,
the formation of the first pair of Korean lovers.
! [i] net red T.
P ins atlas [a] aunt visit can not be good to play [under] SMTM [].
Let us together team members of the ideal type with you

y (May 8th) is mother's day.
Do you remember? Madam thinks it's mom who pays the most for us in the world.
When we were young,
we always wanted time to go faster,
and we could leave mom free to go.
When we grow up,
we always hope that time can be a little slower,
and mom can stay old and stay with us for a long time.
They always try their best to give us the best,
and we always treat this kind of good as proper.
Forgot to say thank you,
also forgot to say I love you.
Is your mother a great beauty? Is your mother outstanding? What special story does your mother have with you? In our hearts,
our mother is the greatest and most beautiful.
This activity is our sun mother when she was young for mother advertising photo + (note two have oh) 1.
ways to participate the WeChat home page to send pho

9 strokes, bedroom decoration is more comfortable than 5 star hotel

directly affect our sleep.
Every nook and corner of the bedroom is very careful with the size of each piece of furniture.
Take a look at the most comfortable bedroom! 1,
how high is the bed comfortable? 1 beds are generally around 30cm.
This height is more suitable for Asians,
the equivalent of users is slightly higher than the knee height; 2 put on the mattress,
usually in 50cm or 60cm.
2 what's the size of a bed? The size of the 1 bed also depends on the size of the bedroom,
generally more than 20 flat master bedroom with more than 180cm bed; 210-20 bedroom flat with 150cm bed; 10 flat sub bedroom or children's room is equipped with 120cm below the bed.
how to put the bed? 1,
comply with the direction of the geomagnetic,
head south,
feet north; 2 bedside is best to lean against